Antonella Musy

cv professionale

Antonella Musy
Turin, 1968
Admitted to the Turin Bar in 1998

Graduated from University of  Turin in 1993 with the Professor Walter Santagata and with a thesis on the contemporary art market, she has grown her professional career in the firm Musy e Associati, merged in Musy Bianco e Associati, pursuing the specialization in labor law since the beginning.

In particular, her activity involves the following fields:
· drafting and analysis of employment agreements;
· executives and directors agreements, stock option plans, incentive and compensative schemes, confidentiality agreements, non compete commitments;
· advise on relationships with employees, executives and directors;
· collaboration and services agreements alternative to the subordinate employment agreements;
· advise on merger and acquisitions, asset deals and the relevant individual or collective agreements;
· assistance and negotiation with the trade unions;
· assistance on the extraordinary and restructuring transactions;
· assistance and drafting of collective corporate agreements;
· examining of the conformity of conduct codes adopted by multinational companies with the Italian law.

She is a member of the association "Centro Studi di Diritto del Lavoro Domenico Napoletano" and of "Associazione Giuslavoristi Italiana".

She speaks English.