Practice Areas

Banking and Finance

Transactions of financial leverage, capitalization and acquisition financing.

Real Estate financing (including real estates investments and project of real estate development).

Financing, syndicated loans and corporate finance.

Litigation concerning disputes of banking and finance law.

Commercial and corporate law

Assistance to companies on corporate and commercial law (from the incorporation, development, ordinary functioning, reorganization up to doing business abroad).

Structuring and reorganization of corporate governance systems (also in favour of listed companies and operating in capital markets).

Drafting of organization and control model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 regarding the responsibility of entities for crimes committed by their members.

Setting up associations, foundations, domestic and cross border joint ventures, ATI and consortiums.

Incorporation of companies, branches, representative offices by foreign clients operating in Italy.

National and international agreements.

Private equity and venture capital transactions, domestic and cross border extraordinary transactions (share deals, mergers, assets deals or business as ongoing concerns deals).

Assistance during the preparation and negotiation of reorganisation plans, debt restructuring agreements, pre-emption and bankruptcy agreements, extraordinary administrative proceedings

Employment Law

M&A operations: legal due diligence, mandatory consultation procedures with Trade Unions pursuant to ex section 47 Law n. 428/1990 and section 2 of the Legislative Decree 18/2001 in relation to the transfer/contribution of assets and mergers with automatic transfer of relationship of employment.

Corporate restructuring: collective dismissals, plans for incentivised voluntary resignations, CIGO (“Cassa Integrazione Guadagni Ordinaria”, the ordinary salary integration public fund, available in case of a crisis in the market), CIGS (“Cassa Integrazione Guadagni Straordinaria”, the salary integration fund, available for restructuring), “Contratti di solidarietà” (solidarity agreements allowing a reduction of working hours below the level established by law), dismissals, disciplinary proceedings, disciplinary charges and sanctions, secondments and transfers.

Subordinate employment, self-employment contracts and atypical (e.g. project contracts, executives, directors, white and blue collar employment agreements, agency contracts for individuals, flexible employment contracts fixed term, apprenticeship and training contracts, workforce supply).

Management of human resources and compensations.

Formalization and negotiation of transfers, assignments, secondments of subordinate personnel.

Assistance to companies during extraordinary transactions (e.g. assets deals, contribution of business and of business as ongoing concern, mergers, spin off) and of reorganizations and restructuring.

Handling of disciplinary proceedings (from the exam of the claims to the application of the fines) and of the relevant objections.

Assistance on negotiations with Trade Unions and execution of collective integrated agreements.

Handling of the definitive and temporary redundancy of employees.

Out of court proceedings and litigation regarding employment, social security contributions (e.g. litigation and settlements) and union disputes (e.g. arbitration proceeding as per collective agreements, disputes for antiunion conducts).

Mandator and complementary social security contribution also at international level.

Assistance on tax sides of employment matters at international level.

Intellectual Property Rights

Litigation regarding trademarks and patents, counterfeiting and unfair competition, domain name usurpation, customs enforcement.

Copyright, art law, media and entertainment.

Trademark, patent, know how license agreements.

Sponsorship agreements.

IP due diligence.

Assistance on the application of “Made in Italy” and of  the products labelling.

Trust and fiduciary companies

Assistance on assets and fiduciary management.

Advise on central management of financial instruments.

Advise on setting up the company and  management of family run business.

Study and implementation of strategies for the next generation transfer and business succession.

Administrative and Constitutional Law

Environmental and Energy (in particular, renewable energy).

Public services (in particular, water, garbage, transports).

Public tenders and concessions to operate public services.

City planning and Construction.

Planning and organization of public entities, mixed companies and professional associations.

Drafting of regulations.

Constitutional Law.

E-Commmerce and Internet

Assistance on the setting up of web sites, e-commerce platform and white label agreements, drafting of commercial agreements, general terms and conditions, merchandising agreements for business-to-business e business-to-consumer web sites.

Advice on data protection policies collected by means of Internet web sites and e-commerce transactions.

Start up companies and International trade

Assistance to innovative start-up companies, from the choice of the corporate vehicle to the economic and financial strategy, networking activity with venture capital funds and investors.

Assistance to the Italian companies in all of the stages of the international trade process worldwide. In particular, we work in the start up phase and during the consolidation process making available for the entrepreneurs our international network with independent law.


The Firm provides all the practice areas with assistance in litigation before the national and foreign jurisdiction, including the Italian high court, in particular regarding labour law, civil law, administrative law, commercial law, including corporate disputes also related to merger and acquisition transaction, corporate governance liability as well as bankruptcy proceedings.

The Firm works on debt recovery for companies and for companies forward public entities.