Musy Bianco e Associati was found in 2008 by the partners Alberto Musy, Antonella Musy, Paolo Bianco and Viviana Buoninconti.

The core of the Firm, composed of Alberto and Antonella Musy, represents the continuation of the one founded by their father in 1961 Mr. Antonio Musy, one of the most expert labour lawyer assisting entrepreneurs in Italy, and taken over by Alberto and Antonella at the beginning of the 90’s with the intention to broaden progressively the skills in relation to other areas of the law.

Since then the Firm has been enriched by the competence of its current partners.

Particularly, Alberto has contributed his experience grown during years of studies, academic practice and practical work, especially in the field of corporate governance, next generation transfer and trust.

Antonella ha provided her consolidated skills in the field of labour law related to the entrepreneurs’ business.

From his side, Paolo Bianco has made available  to the Firm his more than twenty years experience had in Italy and abroad in the ordinary and extraordinary assistance to companies – also multinational – with specific but not exclusive reference to corporate matters.

Viviana Buoninconti, in her turn, has contributed with her competence acquired in banking and finance law, also related to derivates and in general financial instruments.